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Our high-speed fiber Internet is the fastest, most reliable Internet with matching upload and download speeds up to 1 Gigabit. While we offer our high-speed fiber Internet in select areas right now, we are working hard every day to expand our coverage. 

Where we’re growing

GoNetspeed is now available in lots of communities in New York! But it takes time to build the future, so we might not be in your area—yet. Find out if we’re in your community.

  • Village of Depew
  • Lancaster
  • Cheektowaga
  • Village of Sloan
  • City of Buffalo
  • Lockport
  • Waterloo
  • Seneca Falls
  • Newark
  • Geneva
  • Canandaigua
  • Shortsville/Manchester
  • Macedon/Palmyra

What our customers are saying

“I’ve been a customer here for a couple months now. Ditching the cable company alone is worth the switch, but I haven’t had any service issues at all with this service! It’s consistent, the speed is great, and the price is nothing to complain about.”


“I was very excited to go with GoNetspeed for fiber optic and also have some savings. It was great to learn that they will not lock you in on a price and then raise it after a year or two. So I will be telling all my friends and family to jump ship and go with GoNetspeed.”


“We had GoNetspeed installed at our house and at our business in January. Brace yourself as you are not going to believe this! They showed up a day early to ask if it was okay to pre-wire so our install would be done on time and go smoothly! This doesn’t happen with other internet service companies. Amazing!”