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Note: UFN is now GoNetspeed

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Fiber Internet is a broadband connection that creates a more powerful network with higher bandwidth. Unlike old copper technology, which is more susceptible to environmental erosion and outages, fiber transmits information using light instead of electricity. With incredibly quick upload/download speeds (think speed of light!) Fiber is the fast and reliable internet technology option!

We are so excited to bring fiber internet to Upstate New York!

GoNetspeed is now available in lots of communities in New York! But it takes time to build the future, so we might not be in your area—yet. Find out if we’re in your community.

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  • Village of Depew
  • Lancaster
  • Cheektowaga
  • Village of Sloan
  • City of Buffalo
  • Lockport
  • Waterloo
  • Seneca Falls
  • Newark
  • Geneva
  • Canandaigua
  • Shortsville/Manchester
  • Macedon/Palmyra

Managed Wi-Fi means your end device (in this case the router!) links to our Cloud based management solution. This allows us to keep your device up to date with current firmware and security updates, monitor the network for malicious attacks, and resolve any coverage or service related issues remotely without the need for a truck roll and a technician inside your home.

“Synchronous Speeds” means you receive matching upload and download speeds! Our base package is 250 mbps download AND 250 mbps upload, in comparison to most providers that provide unequal speeds (for example, 400 mbps download and 20 mbps upload).

Once you sign up for service, one of our CSRs will contact you to schedule your install. Before the install, our field techs will come to connect the fiber cable to your home. Since this initial set up takes place outside, you do not need to be home! On your scheduled installation day, on of our field techs will complete your inside install. From running the fiber cable into your home to setting up your router, connecting your Wi-fi and logging you into our app, our technicians will make sure you are set up for success!

An indoor/outdoor fiber cable enters the house either through the basement or a minimal hole through the wall into your living area. This hole is covered with a wall plate (picture an electrical outlet cover). This cable is then connected to the Optical Network Terminal (ONT), replacing the traditional modem.

There are no hidden costs!
(aside from NYS taxes & fees)

There is no cost to cancelling services, we ask that you drop equipment off to our office or mail it to us.

The price listed on our website is for the 1st year of service, and will increase by $10.00 the following year.

You will receive a monthly bill. The first month is pro-rated, then you will pay one month ahead. We accept payment by mail, online or through a secure 800#.

Yes! Phone service can be combined with any of our internet packages for an extra $10 for local or $20 for unlimited.

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