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UFN is becoming GoNetspeed

Hello, Neighbor!

Paul Griswold

Since we first opened our doors in 1920, our company has evolved along with the communities we serve. We have embraced the change time brings – changing locations, updating our brand, and adjusting our services to keep pace with the latest technology. What has never changed is our dedication to providing best-in-class communication services to our customers and community.

We’ve been on a journey together for a long time, so we want you to be the first to receive some exciting news. With great pleasure and anticipation, today I can share that as of 2023, UFN will be rebranding to GoNetspeed.

Why the change? We’re growing.

We are rapidly expanding our fiber-to-the-home network throughout Western New York to bring greater connectivity to the region. Unifying our growth initiatives under the GoNetspeed name will help us accelerate toward that goal.

What isn’t changing?

  1. Our Location. We will still have our office location within the center of the Phelps Community at 75 Main Street, Phelps NY 14532.
  2. Our Team. We’ll have the same local team of employees committed to bringing you fast, reliable connectivity services with stellar customer service. And bonus, we’re hiring!
  3. Our Focus. Throughout our history, we’ve been dedicated to building the best connectivity and communications infrastructure. As GoNetspeed, that commitment will remain at the forefront.

As a fifth-generation family-run business, we are excited to continue the tradition of quality Internet service and customer experience, as GoNetspeed. Here’s how:

  • We have three service tiers that redefine the word fast – 250 MBPS, 500 MBPS and 1 GIGABIT.
  • We provide free installation and a Calix Wi-Fi Blast router (also free).
  • We have 24/7 live, local customer service, here to help you when you need it most.
  • We will never cap your data, throttle your connection, or charge you data overage fees.
  • We don’t require an annual contract to lock you into our service.

We’ve always done things differently at UFN because we put you first. We look forward to continuing that tradition as GoNetspeed.

And don’t take our word for it … ask your neighbors what they think of GoNetspeed, head to to see how our service works or find us on Facebook to read the rave reviews.

When you’re ready to upgrade to the fastest and most reliable fiber Internet available, we’re here. Click here to sign up today!

Take care,

Paul Griswold
SVP of Operations & General Manager – NY
75 Main St., Phelps, NY 14532